The 21st Century is the era of great products, and Cadwell Display is able to help you meet the display needs of your store with our unique patented acrylic individual display bin.
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Cadwell Display's Vision

To be the leader of innovative fixtures, display solutions with exceptional service
Cadwell Display offers individual patented multi-use acrylic bins. They are ergonomically designed with smooth edges and a scoop style front. They are gentle on the skin unlike other bins and trays that have rough edges.
Our acrylic bins can be used on all types of slatwall panel. Bins can be stacked tightly. No need to slide the bins across the slatwall, sliding can damage slatwall’s, just lift in or out. Our acrylic bins can also be used with grid wall and pegboard when accompanied by an adaptor.
At Cadwell Display all of our bins and counter top fixtures are designed and made in the USA. We use the best material the industry offers, commercial grade, durable and light weight. Nothing is glued together. Research shows that items displayed in clear containers are perceived to be of a greater value which makes using Cadwell Display Bins your best option for your store fixture needs.
Our patented slatwall acrylic bins are also used in our unique and original acrylic tiered counter top fixtures along with our beautiful upright counter top fixture. They really are the most multipurpose bin in the retail fixture industry. Saving you time which could increase your profits.
Cadwell Display clear bins feature an integrated label area along with a design that allows for maximum product exposure and provides clean, neat appearance. Deters unwanted label movement. Works for paper or adhesive labels ,makes it easy to label and track inventory. No more obstructive labels to block customer view. No more peeling away ugly stickers and sticky residue to clean up or trying to remove marks from a marker. Just print the label and place it into the label holder. It’s that easy.
Ever tried using one of the old out dated acrylic bin system units that have trays and those ridged square edges? Those acrylic bin systems make it difficult if not impossible for your customers and employees to remove items from them. Cadwell Display offers a new beautiful, original Point of Purchase acrylic bin system for counter top and shelf use that uses our individual patented acrylic bins. Making adding, moving, rearranging or rotating out and cleaning easier than you ever thought it could be.
No other retail display uses your space more efficiently. Our acrylic tiered counter top system allows several configurations: view only from the front or add an extra label so you can view from the back while your customer views from the front or you can use them back to back. Cadwell Display acrylic bin counter top fixtures also come in several heights and widths to meet your stores fixture needs.
A distinctive counter top or shelf fixture is the Cadwell Display Upright Stand. Add the Cadwell Display acrylic bins, your own slatwall pegs, slatwall hooks or all for a truly distinctive look. Our Upright Stands come in a variety of colors and optional configurations to meet your distinctive needs.
All stands are shipped unassembled for easy shipping. Acrylic Stands come with self driving screws for assembly all you need is a #1 bit Phillips screw driver available at your local hardware supply store. Upright Stands are “knockdown” style and do not require any tools for assembly.
We also offer accessories that enhance the store displays and fixtures. Pockets that can be attached to the sides of the Acrylic Stands and you can add your own zippy bags or whatever you like into them. Clear clips that you can to your Acrylic and Upright Stands that allow you to post signs such as: New, Hot Deal, Special, Sale or much more your possibilities are endless. Also we do offer a clip on label for the front of the bins if you would like a front view label as oppose to the integrated rear view label already in the bin.
Whether you are displaying, organizing or storing: beads, jewelry, buttons, marbles, tumbled stones, hardware, office supplies, candy, small toys or just nick- knacks for your retail store, home, office, craft room, garage, shed, tradeshow booth or fair, instead of hiding merchandise in boxes, buckets and baskets use Cadwell Display’s clear acrylic bins to give your items the best visibility. 
For use on slatwall, gridwall*, pegboard* and when used with our original Acrylic Tiered Bin System Fixtures and Upright Fixtures they can also go on shelves and counter tops. Cadwell Display Bins also have a integrated area for labels and are the most multi-purpose acrylic bin available.                                                                   Explore...